Take me to Paris

Take me to Paris

Paris is amazing, and if you don’t like Paris we don’t like you. Kidding!

Paris is uniquely itself, there is nothing about that city that doesn’t remind you of exactly where you are. We’ve had the chance to explore quite a bit of the city over the past 2 years and we just had to share some of the top spots to hit. Well at least our top hits which are of course the best.

Between the eating, the eating oh and the drinking there are some stops you’ll have to see to believe, but we’ll save that for another blog. This one is all about giving in to the glutinous pleasure that is french food.

Check out our must try’s below and let us know if you’re able to try them out! We love hearing if our opinion is actually accurate!

The Best Chocolate Mousse | Café Juliette

9 rue Soufflot
Neighborhoods: Sorbonne/Panthéon

Insiders tip: If the weather is nice ask to sit on the terrace, you can see the Eiffel Tower from there!

The Worth Every Penny Dinner | La Fermette Marbeuf

5 rue Marbeuf
Neighborhoods: Champs-Élysées

Insiders tip: Get the fois gras, it is exquisite! I want to rub it all over a french man’s face and then lick it off! However that is decidedly not ladylike or french so I reined myself in.

The Local Place | Restaurant De La Cordonnerie

20 rue Saint Roch
Neighborhoods: Palais Royal/Musée du Louvre

Insiders tip: This place is TINY so you may have to wait, but it’s worth it to hear the chef himself explain to you exactly how he is going to prepare the food you will eat.

The Best Baguette | Au Paradis du Gourmand

156 rue Raymond Losserand
Neighborhoods: Plaisance

Insiders tip: This place gets busy! They also just won the best baguette award for 2013!

Our Favorite Bar | Hotel Four Seasons George V , Le Bar

31 ave George V
Neighborhoods: Champs-Élysées

Insiders tip: They make a mean martini and the canapes of Duck Foie Gras, Smoked Salmon, Saint-Maure Goat Cheese pair beautifully with it. This hotel is so very opulent and beautiful, it’s always on my list of places to stop.

We hope you enjoy trying these places if you ever find yourself in our favorite city!

PS: For all the single ladies, we have one more entry. Go here to snag a hot french fling, if you’re into that sort of thing.

The Awesome Bar | Canderlaria

52 rue de Saintonge
Neighborhoods: Marais Nord

Insiders note: If you meet a musician named Pierre, just say yes.

– The REPORTery

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  1. You passion for your writing and your openness to life is a breath of fresh air. Stay inspired and keep inspiring.

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