Back to School..or Office?

Back to School for Adults

Back to school shopping was the only good thing about summer ending. My poor mother probably didn’t feel the same way since I had a major shopping addiction even at the age of 6. Who knew there were so many ways to match your jelly shoes to your scrunchies?

Since school shopping is officially underway it made me miss the fact that I haven’t been a part of that activity for years now. It’s enough to make a girl a bit depressed.

So I decided that September is Back to the Office shopping!!!! Even though I never left the office… whatever you get the point.

Here is a list of the goodies I would love to get my hands on if only I didn’t have to pay rent…

BLUEMARINE Short Dress | $710

H&M Knitted Jumper | $23

Jack Wills Hunston Hoodie | $89.50

CHLOE Plum Purple Suede Scalloped Flats | $495

Madewell Transport Rucksack | $199.50

Marc by Marc Jacobs Baker Watch | $175

H&M Tube Scarf | $12

Ray-Ban RB5184 New Wayfarer Glasses | $180

NARS Nail Polish in Galathee | $19

Happy shopping!!

– The REPORTery

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