Where to eat & drink in good ol’ New Orleans

Image via personal library

I have a severe case of wanderlust & since I’m currently chained to my desk planning our annual user conference my trips are very limited. Which makes me super super sad and whiny…. which none of my coworkers appreciate I am sure! In order to shake that nonsense I’ve decided to dedicate this weeks blog posts to traveling. Where to eat, where to shop and where to fall in love – now why does that sound familiar? Let’s begin!

Let’s start with New Orleans… one of my absolute favorite places to visit. Anyone who knows me knows that the moment you give me alcohol I have the ability to turn into a southern belle… ok ok its not always a southern belle sometimes it can be quite a mess 😉

That’s besides the point though – my fathers Sicilian side settled in Louisiana before heading west and it’s a state that will always be dear to me. The music, the FOOD, the people and the land itself are very unique and wonderful. Below is my must do list for New Orleans, this list was researched, exhaustively tested and approved by friends, you’re welcome.

The Best Local Bar | Kerry Irish Pub

Insiders Tip: This is a little hole in the wall pub that we accidentally found and purposefully went back to every night during that trip – it’s simple but it gets the job done.

The Best Po’Boy | Mother’s Restaurant

Insiders Tip: The line goes around the block so be prepared to wait! (The shrimp po’boy and bloody mary are worth it I promise)

The Best Gumbo | Gumbo Shop

Did Someone Say Muffaletta?! | Central Grocery Co.

Insiders Tip: Nola tradition – do NOT ask them to modify the sandwich, they won’t. Take it as is and enjoy it’s amazingness.

Frenchman’s Quarter | The Spotted Cat Music Club

Beignet’s & Chicory Coffee | Cafe du Monde

Oysters | Acme Oyster House


Insiders Tip: The wait can be long but do it. And know 2 words… Alligator Cheesecake

I need to get myself back over there, I’m hungry now.

– The Reportery

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