Harry Potter drank Black Milk?


My whole life I have been a self-proclaimed book worm; I grew up as the girl who stuck her face in books for hours and, when I was done, spent the rest of my time telling everyone around me about what I just read. It’s a quality only my mother could love or boast about. The Harry Potter series, as an example, perfectly encapsulates this lifelong obsession with literature, and a reluctance to tear myself from its brilliant and enticing realities. It should come as no surprise, then, that I should find myself interchangeably dreaming about and drooling over Black Milk’s newest Harry Potter collection as soon as the teasers started showing up on Instagram. I hail from a generation of Potterheads and this world of skin-tight nylon perfectly caters to my love for the story and every single one of its characters, while also looking drop-dead hot.

Which is why, when Stephanie asked me to write about the new collection, I was so excited I had no idea where to start or what to say. Except this: I want it all. I want every piece of this Potter-crazed collection, and I want everyone else to feel exactly the same.

Black Milk is best known for their unique prints, designs, and textures of nylon leggings (thank Kat Von D for that one). This company means serious nylon business. With this in mind, when they take on a theme or project, they do everything their magical fashionista minds can conjure to capture its essence in nylon. They know what they’re doing, and if anyone remembers the Lord of the Rings collection it’s obvious how seriously they take on these. Every image and icon that is most famous and emblematic of the name, book, movie, whatever it may be, can be relied on to be glorified on 100% nylon fabric. It’s like nylon on Australian crack, and I love everything about it.

As I said before, I want every piece of the Harry Potter collection – the themes, ideas and images (and colors, especially) are adopted so perfectly to the nylon that it leaves nothing wanting. Most of the designs are images used in the movies (obviously, because it’s considerably easier than taking images from someone’s imaginative interpretation of the books alone). All four houses, and their colors and house crests are printed onto leggings, one-piece swim suits, dresses, and shirts. Want more than stripes and crests? Fabulous, because the magical nylon geniuses of Black Milk gave us prints of the Marauder’s Map, Undesirable No. 1, Death Eaters, the Deathly Hallows, and even a couple stills from the movies. Now you can wrap your hot little bossy self with all the witches and wizards your muggle heart could want.

So go out there (or on the web site, unless you’re so determined you’re willing to make a trip to Australia to get your hands on the stuff right then and there) you hot little muggles and wear the books you love so dearly, and show the world just how cool and literary you are. Go on, you can even tell them you read the books before the movies were ever thought of.

– Rachael Leone via The Reportery

One thought on “Harry Potter drank Black Milk?

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