How did I just find out about this? I love that this kind of service has finally made its way to the Bay Area!! I’ve always been extremely jealous of the big cities, especially New York on the fact that they can get just about anything delivered to their front door. Munchery has a daily menu (with tons of options) from local chefs that you can order, pay for and have delivered that night. You can get entrees, sides, desserts and even coffee. Where do I sign up?

I think tonight I will go with the sweet potato beef stew by Chef Allison Jones. Hello delicious and still healthy!

You can filter meals by organic, wheat free, low carb etc – really whatever type of lifestyle you live this service can work for you. You can order from the website or from the app – it’s all super simple and I’m really impressed so far.

The next test? Seeing if the food is really that good. Stay tuned.

– The Reportery

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