Best Foodie Apps

We’re slightly obsessed with food (which really needs to be paired with an obsession to a gym ASAP).

We want to know where the best neighborhood joint is in every city we visit, what the best local markets are, who has the best fois gras, where can we get comfort food.. the list just continues.

So we did some research and came up with The Reportery’s Official Best Foodie Apps. Enjoy fellow eaters, enjoy.


This is one of our favorite cooking apps! You get quality and quantity with Epicurios, they have a huge selection but most of the recipes truly do look and sound delicious. It helps that they have user reviews and an average number of if you’d make it again – which really helps us narrow it down to one.

Chef’s Feed

Being in the event planning business has its perks and knowing a few chefs is near the top of that list. Top perk? Having them tell you where they eat. Chef’s Feed polled over 500 chefs’ to see where they want to go when it comes to someone else cooking their food. Enough said.

Caveman Feast

Our favorite Paleo app by far! Just because you eat Paleo doesn’t mean all you do is eat bacon and meat. There are so many delicious recipes on here that even when we’re allowing ourselves a non-Paleo day we still gravitate towards this app.

Evernote Food

We used to use Yelp for this but since Yelp isn’t really made to document more than a review it doesn’t always prove as useful. Enter Evernote Food, problem solved. You can save favorite places, which meal you HAVE to eat again and new recipes you want to try.


We have to add this one – what other app can find you a reservation for 6 people at 8:00pm on a Saturday night  in San Francisco… at 5:30pm. Miracles do happen.


Favorite hashtag on Instagram? #foodporn This app is basically that.


Unfortunatly this one is best if you live in a big city. Do you live in a big city? Fantastic then Seamless is for you! If you’re tired of only being able to get chinese and pizza for takeout use this app – it gives you a far more elaborate variety.


Don’t feel like cooking but want to eat at home? Want more than just the normal takeout? Munchery is a newer app that we are steadily falling in love with. You pop in your zip code and up comes local chefs that have prepared a dish for the evening. You pick a time window of when you want it delivered and done. They bring it over, you heat it up and hello yummy dinner.

Go forth and eat food people.

– The Reportery

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