This trip has been a blessing. In the past few years every time I’ve come to Europe, especially alone, its helped me get in tune with what I needed at that moment in life. Traveling solo has helped me move on from past loves, get to know myself better and to open my eyes to the possibilities of life.

For the first time I didn’t have that feeling. It was strange at first, I thought something was wrong. This morning as I strolled along the quiet streets of Florence I realized that in fact nothing was wrong, everything was kind of alright. There are a lot of changes that need to be made both personal and professional but I’m ok with that. There are some things in my life that don’t come as easily as they used too, such as keeping up with friends and family and well crap.. dating! However for some reason I’ve come to terms with it. Life is as such.

I love the woman I’ve become. I’m strong, capable, independent. I’m also sweet and caring. I’m also weird and slightly crazy at times and that’s all ok. We berate ourselves for who we are not, we let the people in our life and strangers make us feel as if we’re doing something wrong if we don’t follow exactly what they expect. Well here is my answer: WHO CARES.

You live once – they keep reminding us of this. So take that information and throw it into the wind. Tell everyone who’s doubted you or judged you to fuck off and go be happy. I’ve realized it truly is that simple. Life will ALWAYS throw curveballs at you, life will always make you angry or sad but it’s up to you to decide how long such things will stay with you.

On that note – I shall leave you with some pictures of Italy. Once back in the states I will start posting about all the places worth trying if you ever find yourself in this gorgeous country.

IMG_7227 IMG_7246 IMG_7255 IMG_7267 IMG_7279 IMG_7284 IMG_7298

– The Reportery

One thought on “ACCEPTANCE & Pizza

  1. Looks like a magical trip that has provided you with some great self reflection! Keep up the great posts!

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