The Tinder Horror Story

mrassholeWhile I was in Europe a friend of mine retweeted a post from ProfessionGal about Tinder horror stories and copied me. Most of my friends are aware of my disastrous dating experiences on the popular dating app so I am a likely candidate for this particular post.

What can I say about Tinder. In a world full of social media and online dating a GPS dating app was the greatest thing I’d ever seen! An intern of ours showed me the app about a year ago but I didn’t really get into it till about 6 months ago. At first it was great, there were so many cute guys! We seemed to have things in common and quite frankly swiping left or right became a fun little game to play. So everything was fine till I started meeting these guys in person. Half the time they couldn’t hold a conversation in real life but mostly it seemed that Tinder was for guys that just wanted to hookup. That’s awesome – and more power to them but I’m 27! I’d like a real relationship and I stupidly thought Tinder might be the answer. Fast forward through a massive amount of awful dates full of conceited, douchebag men and I land a gorgeous entrepreneur from San Francisco. He’s sweet, he opens doors for me, he’s manly but still a gentleman. I was in utter bliss! About a month into dating I randomly decided to Google him on a flight home from Atlanta. What did I find you might ask? Oh only that he was MARRIED. So from 30,000 feet in the air (thank god for in-flight WiFi) I texted him and let him know that if he wanted to cheat on his wife he best hide his life from the internet. He went on to tell me that he used Tinder to cheat on his wife (after trying to deny it for a half hour), in fact a lot of his friends did it as well. Later that day as I waited at baggage claim a dear friend of mine gently reminded me that a 36 year old man would not be on Tinder looking for his next relationship, and I had to agree. So moral of the story is at least for me, Tinder is a thing of the past and will remain forever deleted from my iPhone.

Do you have any horror stories? We’d love to hear them as I’m sure ProfessionGal would.

– The Reportery

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