How to Survive a Winter Apocalypse & Still Look Cute

First let me start by saying I’m a California girl through and through. I’m used to 50F winters and 80F+ summers. I think I’ve seen snow maybe 5 times in my entire 27 years on this Earth.

Next weekend I get to go see my lovely boyfriend, only downfall is he lives in Canada, land of the frigid. While whining to him about how I will not survive this trip the other day I realized that I didn’t even own any proper clothes or winter accessories to make the cold any easier. So I did what any sensible girl would do, used it as a completely valid excuse to go do some major shopping!

So here’s my list of winter accessories that can help survive the cold (I think, but I’m from CA what do I know) and still let you look cute while cursing the snow.


1. Dior Envol Sunglasses in Orange *prices vary on store
2. Sorel Joan of Arctic Boots in Taffy | $150
3. Fownes Brothers Tech Fingertip Leather & Knit Gloves in Canson | $56
4. Oversized Chunky Scarf in Oatmeal Brown | $82
5. Larue Chic Boutique Prancing in the Snow Legwarmers in Red | $18
6. The North Face Women’s Pseudio Vest in Asphalt Grey Heather | $99
7. Three Bird Nest Wide Knitted Headband in Taupe | $32

– Stephanie

3 thoughts on “How to Survive a Winter Apocalypse & Still Look Cute

  1. Yes, with those you’ll be alright. And you’ll be a real snow babe too πŸ™‚
    I must admit I’m jealous. I would love to go to Canada in winter. I never used to like winter. Then I learnt to ski and there is no going back now.

    1. Thanks!! I was quite concerned with the cuteness level and all this layering LOL. I haven’t seen snow in about 6 years so yes I am excited to go! I haven’t gotten the skiing thing down yet, still working on that one πŸ™‚

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