Breakfast Redone

I once dated someone that didn’t like breakfast. I broke up with him.

Breakfast food is delicious and totally acceptable at any point of the day in my book. My father used to make this scramble for dinner he called “Mixed Up Stuff” that consisted of poached eggs, toast and bacon cut into bite sized pieces. Simple yet one of my favorite childhood memories. Doing breakfast food with my new approach to food makes my traditional favorites a little hard because they are all carb heavy. Insert sad face here.

However, thanks to some amazing foodies and the internet new ideas for breakfast that are health conscious AND yummy can be found everywhere.

breakfast1. Buckwheat Pancakes with Blue Cheese Bacon and Maple Syrup | Blog: What Should I Eat for Breakfast Today

2. Egg & Avocado Toast | A la Graham

3. Sweet Potato & Sausage Onion Hash | The Iron You

4. Homemade Breakfast Sausage | Primal Palate

– Stephanie

2 thoughts on “Breakfast Redone

  1. I agree, breakfast can often be the most wonderful meal of the day and starting off on a good foot normally leads on to a healthy days eating (not that I’m not partial to the odd piece of fried toast or maple bacon pancake).

    I’ll enjoy checking out these blogs, thanks and I’m hungry now!!!

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