The Monthly Wine Club: Bright Cellars

I usually am not a huge fan of advertisements all over my Facebook feed, however they finally got something right. I am a huge wine lover, anyone who knows me is completely aware of this fact. However my knowledge of wine is pretty much limited to Sauvignon Blanc, some German Riesling, and a few Pinot Noir’s. I’ve always wanted to take classes on this stuff but between my career and social schedule a time slot has yet to make an appearance.

Enter Bright Cellars. Founded by 2 female MIT graduates who wanted to help members discover the fantastic world of wine. They’ve made it incredibly simple, you take a wine quiz to help determine the characteristics of wine that they think you’ll love, you get matched with your first set, you accept or skip and they send it to your door!

I’m very anxiously awaiting my first box which includes some delicious whites from Italy I’ve never heard of and what promises to be a beautiful red. If you don’t like a bottle, let them know & they will send you an extra the next month. It’s really quite genius. So if you love wine as much as I do but are sick of staring at the wine aisle like it’s in gibberish this may be the club for you.

Here at The Reportery we love to give so if you use this link you can get 50% off your first month! We know we know, we’re pretty cool.


– Stephanie

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