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3 years ago I was in charge of planning a dinner at one of the most exclusive restaurants in France for my then CEO. A few days before the event I was told that two of the very important guests were Paleo. While I stood there with a dumb look on my face (I had no idea what Paleo was) they quickly explained that it was a “caveman diet” and to just ask the restaurant if they could revise the menu. The restaurant agreed, mostly I’m sure because of who the guests were and the amount of money we were paying out, but it wasn’t an easy transition.

Fast forward to now and Paleo/Primal/Unprocessed/Whole Foods are extremely common, at least in California. I can walk into most restaurants and tell them that I am Paleo/Gluten-Free and they will adapt a dish to work; in fact many have items on the menu already that work. While I’m still waiting for a straight up Paleo restaurant to hit the Peninsula or SF there are a ton of new brands popping up to help stay within your lifestyle. The easiest way I’ve found to discover these gems is Instagram. There are some amazing foodie’s that are always finding the newest thing to try, which is how this list came to be. It’s three times this long but we’ll start with 10.

Brand Blog

Pacific Foods: Bone broth, Broth, Soups, Non-dairy Products
Hu Kitchen: Paleo Chocolate Bars
Nola Bar: SF Company, “Candy” Bars
Pure Indian Foods: Ghee, Oils & Spices
Sustainapak: Grass-fed Jerky & Sticks
Fork in the Road: Sausages, Hot Dogs, Deli Meat, Meat
PaleoNola: Paleo Granola
Flavorgod: Seasonings
Farmhouse Culture: Kraut
The Honest Bison: 100& Grass-fed Bison Meat

As we mentioned, this is only a teeny piece of our ever growing list; there are many more out there waiting to be discovered at your local farmers market or through simple research. Since we absolutely love research we’ll take a lot of the hard work and taste testing off you guys with new reports of what to try. We know, our job is so hard.
– Stephanie

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