Romantic Meal for Two

In 5 days the holiday that either makes people jump for joy or want to hide in a dark basement till it’s over will be here. Yes people that’s right.. Valentine’s Day. Now I don’t hate Valentine’s Day but I don’t love it either. I do think it’s become far too commercialized and that there is way too much expectation of what this night should be. I had a friend spend over $400 dollars on a dinner, $80 on roses plus Uber fare there and back – all in all he spent over $500 bucks on one night that wasn’t even an important milestone for him & his girlfriend. I know not everyone goes that extravagant but in cities like San Francisco the meals are incredibly expensive. So what is to be done? How do you share in the romantic atmosphere that is the holiday of love but not go insane while doing so?

My remedy is a simple date night at home. Whether I cook by myself or my partner helps me it’s time for us to enjoy each other, get away from the outside world and eat something that we know we’re going to enjoy. Put on some music and next thing you know you could be dancing with your love in the kitchen. Call me crazy but I think THAT is romantic perfection.

Below is a beautiful Valentine’s Day menu for two, or if you feel like throwing a big V-Day party for all your single friends just make more! Just remember, no matter if you have someone to be with on Valentine’s Day or not, there are different types of love in your life that will bring you joy and smiles. This day doesn’t have to be hated, it can simply be a day that we all take a little more time to let the one’s we love know that we’re thinking of them.


Red Hook Cocktail | Sippity Sup

Oysters with a Champagne Mignonette | The Endless Meal

Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Apples, Bacon and Balsamic | Pig & Quill

Roasted Spiced Leg of Lamb | A Brown Table

Chocolate Covered Bourbon Soaked Cherries | Food52

– Stephanie

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