Elegant Thanksgiving Menu

I’ve been heavily invested in the holidays for as long as I can remember. Whether it was what cookies Santa received on Christmas Eve or putting the marshmallows on the yams at Thanksgiving I was usually somewhere in the kitchen as a kid. Years passed and I got older and became more confident in my cooking abilities; to the point where I was able to help construct actual dishes till one day at 16 declared that I was going to take over all of the holiday planning. For whatever reasons my mother agreed (I think she was just sick of doing it every year) and 13 years later here we are.

Now I take menu creation very seriously in general, I do events professionally and my idea of fun is hosting a dinner party so we do not play in this arena. With Christmas I get creative and will do different themes each year but with Thanksgiving I tend to be more of a traditionalist. My family expects certain dishes to make their appearance year after year so if I veer too far off the stars I get raked over the yule logs. That being said I do try to add small, innovative components to spice things up.

I’m really excited for this year’s menu, it’s a bit more elegant and grown up with some really beautiful flavors in the dishes. Since we’re just about a week away (!!!) I wanted to share my menu in case it can help other home cooks on this wonderful holiday.


Sausage & Mascarpone Stuffed Mushrooms

Pear Chutney & Goat Cheese Crostini

Main Dish & Sides

Roasted Turkey with Black Truffle Butter

Cognac Gravy

Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes with Brown Sugar & Marshmallows

Roasted Acorn Squash with Maple-Bacon Drizzle

Green Bean Casserole with Fried Onions & Shallots

Homemade Cornbread Stuffing

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Parker Rolls


Spiced Pumpkin Cake with Pumpkin Cream Cheese Frosting

From one home cook to another I seriously suggest you try the cake – it is foul proof and I make it multiple times a year. However I do revise it a bit and remove the dried currants, pineapple and coconut as I feel the cake truly doesn’t need it. It’s the most moist, gorgeous cake ever and you’re family will fall in love with it.

Have an amazing Thanksgiving with friends and family and eat impeccably.

– The Reportery

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